The PU Foam Float Sensor:

The magnetic level switch consists of Polyurethane Foam Float carrying permanent ring magnet and non-ferrous stem carrying one or more magnetic reed switches at desired levels. This sensor comes with One Year Guarantee.


The Technical Specifications:
Mechanical Specification. Description.
Sensor Stem Non Magnetic, Non Corrosive SS 316 / SS304 / PP / PVC
Sensor Float
  • Polyurethane Foam Float for temp. upto 80° C.
    with 40mm Dia.,50mm Length Float.
  • SS316 Float for temp. upto 125° C. with 52mm Dia. Float.
  • PP or PVC Float for special applications.
Mounting Arrangement
  • Standard Table Flanges. (ANSI, BS, DIN).
  • 1.5" or 2" BSPM Threaded
  • Material: SS304, SS316 or MS
Electrical Description Specification.
Electrical Termination.
  • DIN Solenoid connector madeup of polymide
    (Suitable for Small Machine top mountings).
  • Weather proof cast aluminium enclosures.
    (Suitable for high temp., machine top or open environment).
  • Flame proof cast aluminium enclosures
    (Suitable for Group IIA and IIB zones).
Electrical Switching Voltage Upto 400V DC; Upto 300V AC
Electrical Switching Current Upto 2 Amps.
Maximum Length 3000mm.
Accuracy ± 2mm.  GO BACK