The Horizontal Float Switch:

The horizontal float level switch consists of stainless steel Float hinged in such a way that it can vertically have angular movement. As the liquid level varies in the storage tank, the float moves angularly, up or down, transferring the mechanical movement to the outside mechanism thereby completing the external electrical circuit. This sensor comes with One Year Guarantee:


The Technical Specifications:
Mechanical Specification. Description.
Sensor Float SS316 Float for temp. upto 300° C.
Mounting Arrangement Horizontal on side wall of tank.
Electrical Description Specification.
Electrical Termination.
  • DIN Solenoid connector madeup of polymide
    (Suitable for Milk Silos).
  • Weather proof cast aluminium enclosures.
    (Suitable for high temp., machine top or Steam Generators).
Electrical Switching Voltage Upto 400V DC; Upto 300V AC
Electrical Switching Current Upto 2 Amps.  GO BACK