The Dualmotor Model:

This model is a Water Level Controller which is a completely Automatic System with Built-in advanced 'Pumpset Protection Circuitry' and Pump Selector Switch. This system can be adopted where there are two pumps installed for a common task as Main Pump and Stand-by Pump. This model comes with Two Year Guarantee.


The Technical Specifications:
Description Single Phase Three Phase
Operating Voltage. 230V 50 Hz AC. 440V 50 Hz AC.
System Operating Voltage. 12V DC.
Sensing Voltage. 1.5V, 100 Hz AC signal.
Sensing Current. 20 micro Amp.
Power Contactor Rating. 30A Load Current. 10A for Coil Control.
Operating Switch Rating. 20A. 6A.
Low Voltage cut-off at. 170V. 340V.
Auto Reset at. 180V. 370V.
Surge Voltage delay. 15 Sec.
Pump Selector Switch Rating. 10A Two Pole. 6A Four Pole.
Power Consumption 0.05 Unit Per day.
Visual Indications.
  • Power ON.
  • Motor ON.
  • Sump Dry.
  • Dry Run.
  • Voltage Fault.
  • Flow Indication.
Enclosure. Power Coated MS Sheet Metal.
Dimensions ( L X B X H ) 8 inch X 7 inch X 4.5 inch.  GO BACK