The Intermission Bell Timer:

This device is basically a bell timer, which rings the Electric gong bell at set times for the preset programmed duration as per requirement. This is a cyclic timer which maintains the stored values of time in a built-in memory and repeats the cycle on programmed days at exact programmed times. This system comes with Two Year Guarantee:


The Technical Specifications:
Description Single Phase
Operating Voltage. 230V 50 Hz AC.
System Operating Voltage. 12V DC.
Max. Programmable Event. 20 Events / 40 Events.
Data Storage Method. Non-volatile 16 Bit Memory chip.
Power Contactor Rating. 10A.
Operating Switch Rating. 6A.
Bell Ringing Duration. Programmable upto 60 Sec.
Power Consumption. 0.08 Unit Per day.
Visual Indications.
  • Power ON.
  • Second Blinker.
  • 2 Line 16 character Alpha numeric
    LCD Display with Back light.
Programming Keys. Five Push button Keys,
  • Up Key
  • Down Key
  • Right Key
  • Left Key
  • Edit Key
Enclosure. ABS Plastic Body with Angled
Aluminum Front Panel.
Dimensions ( L X B X H ) 8.5 inch X 7.5 inch X 4.25 inch.  GO BACK